Since 1972 the Women's Executive Council has recognized outstanding women who work or volunteer in Central Florida. We honored and recognized these women who work tirelessly behind the scenes, contributing unselfishly to the vitality and richness of our community.  Embracing these women through these awards in their fields of expertise is a small token of gratitude for serving Central Florida.


  • Central Florida Woman of the Year: Nilki Bryan 
  • Arts: Ruby Homayssi
  • Business: Susan Morris
  • Community Service: Roseann Roth
  • Education:  Susan Kelly
  • Government: Brena Robinson
  • Communications: Nicki Sarner


  • Central Florida Woman of the Year:  Daisy Staniszkis
  • Arts: Dianna Morgan
  • Business: Margie Varney
  • Community Service: Dorothy Witt
  • Education:  Joan Tiller
  • Government: Ilona Edwards
  • Professions: Leslie Divoli
  • Communications: Susan Blexrud



  • Central Florida Woman of the Year:  Kitty Wrenn
  • Arts:  Miriam Kersey
  • Business: Jane Hames
  • Community Service:  Frankee Hellinger
  • Education: Frances Cuddy 
  • Government:  Betty Carter
  • Professions: Marjorie Thomas



  • Central Florida Woman of the Year:  Barbara Dirlom
  • Arts: Virginia Goren 
  • Business:  Andrea Eliscu 
  • Community Service: Becky Cherney 
  • Education: Constance Riggs
  • Government: Jean Bennett
  • Professions: Kitty Wren 



  • Central Florida Woman of the Year:  Elizabeth Jennings
  • Arts: Carolyn Lord
  • Business:  Rita Husmann
  • Community Service: Lula Helvenston
  • Education: Mary Ann Ariko
  • Government: Laurie Pitcher Platt
  • Professions: Nancy Weber



  • Central Florida Woman of the Year:  Pat Schwartz
  • Arts: Trisha Margeson
  • Business:  Louise Franklin
  • Community Service: Barbara Stump
  • Education: Suzanne Ackley
  • Government: Mary Johnson



  • Central Florida Woman of the Year:  Betty Wood Barnes
  • Arts: Madalyne Lawton
  • Business:  Katherine Kinsley
  • Community Service: Cassandra Smith & Mary Wiley
  • Education: Clara Walters
  • Government: Marilyn Crotty
  • Communications: Dr. Olivia Chaney



  • Central Florida Woman of the Year:  Joan Dial Ruffier
  • Arts: Marena Grant
  • Business:  Andrea Akermanis
  • Community Service: Mable Butler & Marie Finnell
  • Education: Eva Holt
  • Government: Dr. Ruth Barnes
  • Professions: Carol Lotspeich 



  • Central Florida Woman of the Year: Glenda Hood
  • Arts: Charlotte Everback
  • Business:  Grace Lindbloom
  • Community Service:  Louise Franklin & Julie Washburn
  • Education: Virginia Stuart & Kay Ustler
  • Government: Grace Chewning
  • Communications:  Patricia Fawsett



  • Central Florida Woman of the Year: Mary Lou Schyberg
  • Arts: Texann Ivy Buck
  • Business:  Sherry Carpenter
  • Community Service: Doris Manual & Phoebe Carpenter
  • Education: Flo Nelson
  • Government:  Margaret Brackney
  • Professions: Leslie Divoli