Since 1972 the Women's Executive Council has recognized outstanding women who work or volunteer in Central Florida. We honored and recognized these women who work tirelessly behind the scenes, contributing unselfishly to the vitality and richness of our community.  Embracing these women through these awards in their fields of expertise is a small token of gratitude for serving Central Florida.


  • Central Florida Woman of the Year: Linda Chapin
  • Arts: Patti Wilson
  • Business: Georgia Lee Stuart
  • Community Service: Glenda Hood
  • Education: Betty Wells
  • Government: Delores Vickers
  • Professional: Mary Dixon



  • Central Florida Woman of the Year:  Sandra Mathers
  • Arts: Virginia Stuart
  • Business: Nancy Glick
  • Community Service: Thelma Dudley
  • Education:  Eleanor Fisher



  • Central Florida Woman of the Year:  Beatrice Ettinger
  • Arts: Marena Grant
  • Business:  June Berkmeyer
  • Community Service: Carolyn White
  • Education: Margaret Thomas, PhD
  • Government: Paula Hawkins & Toni Jennings
  • Professional: Joan Puglisi



  • Central Florida Woman of the Year: Margaret Schmidli
  • Arts/Culture: Marilyn Wilson & Jean Yothers
  • Business: Georgia Foster
  • Community Service: Mrs. James Collins
  • Education: Betty Staton
  • Government: Commander Barbara Suse
  • Professional: Winifred Sharp



  • Central Florida Woman of the Year:  Ann Eidson
  • Arts: Gretchen Hobby
  • Business:  Carolyn Wine
  • Community Service: Anne Smith & Martha Chapman
  • Education: Pat Schwartz
  • Government: Dixie Barber
  • Professional: Ruth Smith



  • Central Florida Woman of the Year:  Anna Keeler
  • Arts:  Nancy Abberger
  • Business:  Faye Gaines
  • Community Service: Midge Giddens
  • Education:  Beatrice Ettinger
  • Government: Ellen Brumback
  • Professional: Florence Gluckman



  • Central Florida Woman of the Year:  Kyra Wyatt
  • Arts: Evelyn Duclos
  • Business:  Helen Allen
  • Community Service: Madalyne Lawton
  • Education: Jenny Estey
  • Government: Edna Miller
  • Professional: Dorothea Watson



  • Central Florida Woman of the Year:  Carolyn Wine
  • Arts: Helen Ryan
  • Business:  Alice Heckman
  • Community Service: Rose Bell
  • Education: Clara Wendel
  • Government: Beth Johnson
  • Professional: Jean Yothers